With experienced teams and customized processes Wilshire Pacific Builders produces impressive results day-in and day-out.

Staying on top of the ever-changing renovation environment

Over the last 10 years, occupied renovation has evolved into a much more complex process. With the need to meet environmental, accessibility, energy efficiency and tax credit allocation requirements, it has become imperative to be nimble and adaptable. Wilshire Pacific Builders has developed and perfected a variety of ways to successfully manage the process.

Whether the project requires total relocation of all residents and contents or it requires work to be performed while residents remain in their homes, Wilshire Pacific Builders has a solution.

Delivering projects ‘on time and just right’

Wilshire Pacific Builders acts as an “at-risk” general contractor responsible for field supervision of subcontractors, financial management, purchasing and scheduling of all materials and trades. We view this role as a natural extension of the partnership we have developed with our clients and their design professionals during the planning phase of the project. From project analysis, estimation and budgeting, scheduling and execution, the first priority is a successful delivery. Wilshire Pacific Builders prides itself in delivering projects ‘on time and just right’.

Optimal efficiency, productivity & value delivered in real time


Professionalism comes with experience and education. Each of our project managers has over 15 years of experience. We pride ourselves with having the most experienced team in the occupied renovation industry.


Safety First! A safe site is a great site. The occupied renovation process is full of complexities that require safety precautions for not only the workforce but also residents. All of our site personnel have received and maintain OSHA training and certification.


Products and materials are sourced from around the globe to ensure the highest quality. We work with your design team to quantify and identify the best and most cost effective way to achieve project goals and visions.